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  • Can you customize any treats with any design?
    Yes, I can customize any treat.
  • Do I have to make the full payment upfront?
    No, the deposit is due upfront prior to any design. The deposit is half the order. The remaining balance for the order to be completed is due a week prior to the order's due date.
  • What if I want more than a dozen of one snack?
    You can order snacks in multiples or get a package deal and order the same snack twice.
  • How long does an order take?
    I require client's to place an order at minimum two weeks out. The design takes 5-7 days depending on the complexity and if I need to edit if the items were not approved by the client. Assembling can take 3-5 days.
  • What payments do you accept?
    I accept gift cards (I sell gift cards on my website), venmo, cash app, apple pay, and square.
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